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Wood is a natural product, subject to colour, character and grain variations.

Gum Veins, mineral streaks, knots,splits, cracks and other imperfections will also be present.  Real wood is an organic material; the character will vary from tree to tree and board to board.

The process used to fume, smpke and /or  stain gives the product its deep rich colours.  Because each board will accept the surface treatment differently, we cannot guarantee that boards are elected from the same batch, as they are shuffled during the milling process.


Victorian Ash ( E. delegatensis & E. regnans

Victorian Ash is the trade name for two of the tallest hardwood species in the world. This Australian Hardwood takes its name from the fact that it grows in the alphine areas of Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales.  It can refer to either mountain ash or alpjine ash and is marked under the trade names Tasmanian Oak or Victorian As, although it is important to note that the properties of each species can vary. Usually sustainably harvested wood products effectively reduces the process of climate change in serveal ways. Growinf trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store the carbon so efficiently that about half the dry weight of tree is carbon.  This carbon remains locked in the wood even when used for building products.   Generally Vic Ash has a Blonde - Straw colour with some pinks.  It is a very good wood to Stain or Paint, Nail and Glue.