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Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows offer a more traditional look to any Heritage style or Modern Contemporary home. These types of windows are a very popular choice


With our clients.  There are three types:

1 | Weights and Cords – This is the most traditional system, using weights and cords to maneuver the sashes up and down   

2|  Spiral Balanced – This system uses concealed spirals in a tube (White or Black) at the sides of the sash to move the sash’s up and down independently. 

3|  Counter Balanced – This works on a system that moves both the top and the bottom sash’s together at the same time, using cords 


 **Double Hung options can be made with Victorian Horns or Standard Horns**All can be double glazed**

Weights & cords

Spiral Balances

Counter balanced Double Hung

Double Hung Window with Colonial Bars



Weights & cords with lead light glass

Special Colonial Bar

Double Hung





Double Hung with Standard Horns

Double Hung with Victorian Horns