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VLam Hush   - Is a laminate that uses a specially developed inter-layer to dampen noise, providing enhanced sound insulation performance. Reducing unwanted noise from traffic, aircraft, trains or neighbours! 


Laminated safety glass - Comprises two or more layers of glass permanently bonded together 

 with an inter-layer or resin. If broken, the layer is designed to hold the glass together. Virtually all glass types can be laminated and the thickness and type of inter-layer can be varied.


*Low E - provides excellent solar control with higher insulation than standard glass. It allows the glass to retain a very high daylight transmission and acts as a barrier to the absorbed heat in the glass, reflecting it outside for the better solar control.


*Double Glazing - adds increased insulation and reduces energy costs. Suitable in hot and cold climates. Can be incorporated with low E coating. Reduced condensation. 12 mm Metal Spacer. Also gives better acoustic insulation.



*To acheive your 6 Star Rating you should consider the type of glass you install.


Four panel Glass Front Entry


Comfort Plus- is a laminated safety glass for use in windows and doors that form part of the building fabric.High daylight transmission. Solar control up to 70% of solar heat transmission is eliminated.

Is an A Grade safety glass


Smart Glass- has been selected for Australian climate conditions to assist in achieving energy Star ratings for home designs,whilst capturing natural light and views.


Energy tech- provides better insulation and helps keep the building warmer in winter and cooler in summer


Decorative glass- Privacy, decoration, Light

Double Glazed Unit

Standard Colonial Bars

Cathedral Glass

Cathlite Glass

Spotswood Glass

Satin lite Glass

Acid Etch Glass