Timber is a natural raw product which will require care and maintenance.  As it is a natural product it needs to be sealed to protect it from its enviroment.  

Timbers will naturally expand and contract as a result of their surrounding enviroment.

Hence we recommend the customer seal their windows & doors as soon as possible.  

They must be kept stored away from water, dust, sand or dirt. 

While we prefer not to recommend any particular brand of paint, we suggest you use only  Water Based Paints for your external areas for the following reasons:

It is more flexible hence more able to cope with substrate expansions & contractions.

It retains its sheen level well over extended periods of time in UV

It has excellent UV durability (good for external timber)

It has reduced volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Water based enamel systems are recommended where maximum exterior durability is the prime consideration


We can also quote our jobs pre primed, we use a top quality primer. You still need to protect these windows from the elements until you have sealed them.  

Remove all surface dirt with a clean damp cloth. Lightly sand before applying your first coat. Make sure all surfaces are dry before painting.  

Consult a paint specialist before making any decisions.   

You should apply your top coats within 30 days of delivery.